Floodlight BERN 671


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Technical description
Housing: Die-cast aluminium, with pressure compensation diaphragm
Attachment: Universal bracket made of steel, hot-dip galvanized for vertical and suspended versions.
Glass: Temperature-resistant safety glass, hinged, with patented clamping catches made of die-cast aluminium, can be opened without tools.
Lighting technology: Asymmetrical, narrow beam, glare-free light distribution for 1000 W and 2000 W metal halide lamps, as well as for 1000 W high-pressure sodium vapour lamps.
Others: Durable, temperature-resistant silicone seal, stainless steel screws. Easy to install and maintain.
Ignition unit mounted on housing for 1,000 W lamps. 2000 W HQI lamps for operation with internal ignition.
Die-cast aluminium ballast box optionally available.
Coating: High-quality powder stove enamel finish in RAL 9006.

IPO_65 230V_50Hz 400V_50Hz Fernsprecher Erde ASY spacer HPS_1000W HPS_2000W