LED retrofit exchange mounting brackets

Highly efficient LED-RETROFIT mounting brackets

    for existing luminaire stocks, individually designed and developed with the following focal points:

  • Existing luminaires will be converted and will remain in line with urban architecture.
  • The nostalgic lights and lanterns can be preserved, especially in historic old town districts. The atmosphere and architectural impact during the day and at night, which are unmistakably linked to the character of the city, are preserved.
  • Low investment because new luminaires are not required as long as they still have stable housings.(The refurbishment of the housings can also be done by us and is in mint condition for another 20 years.
  • Economic solutions through substantial energy savings.
  • Adaptation of lighting technology to the tasks in the public area in accordance with DIN EN 13201, whether it concerns traffic routes, shopping areas, squares, parks or historical city districts. Our technology enables us to control the direction of light while avoiding glare and stray light.
  • For accent lighting, e. g. with gas lanterns, we have developed special LED modules with a gas-hull character to create the romantic impression of a gas lighting.
  • The retrofit installation supports are equipped with specially developed LED units and LEDIL lens systems and are developed as a plug-in unit with quick-connect systems individually for your existing luminaires.

Retrofit LED carrier variants

einbau_1     einbau_2     einbau_3     einbau_4

einbau_5     einbau_6     einbau_7     einbau_8

einbau_9     einbau_10     einbau_11    

LED modules - different sizes and capacities

einbau_120     einbau_130    

LED modules gas/nostalgia (gas-hull appearance)

einbau_140     einbau_150

Technical description
Module carrier: Lasered aluminium sheet metal or galvanised sheet steel 1.5 - 2 mm, edged and drilled with mounting adapters for exchanging existing installation parts, with high-quality powder coating.
Lighting technology: High-power LED modules from 10 W to 65 W (1,200 lm to 8,000 lm) with LEDIL lens system for symmetrical, rotationally symmetrical or asymmetrical, glare-free light distribution. Standard-compliant lighting according to DIN EN 13201.
Attachment: The recessed supports are fitted exactly as plug-in modules into the existing luminaire housing and fitted with fastening elements. The electrical connection is made by means of a quick-connect connector, so that fast maintenance and installation are possible. 230 V, 50 Hz, SK 1 or SK 2.