Who we are

arteseo - vision concepts is a specialist lighting technology company founded in 2004 by experts, most of whom have 25 years of experience in the international lighting industry.

The philosophy of our company is based on a different and more effective positioning from existing companies in order to be able to offer high-quality outdoor luminaires for public and urban spaces, the commercial sector, as well as spotlights for sports facilities with low-cost factors. The name arteseo alone says that we pursue innovative, meaningful paths and integrate the existing architecture individually. Arteseo - vision concepts is not comparable to other companies in the lighting industry.

In our pool of experts we have permanent and freelance employees, with a great deal of competence in the areas of development, planning and project planning, design with architecture, as well as marketing.

In everything we plan and produce, the focus is on people and the environment with conservation of resources. We attach great importance to "green products" with high energy efficiency in order to guarantee a contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions - climate change is in focus. All products have been developed according to the latest standards of manufacturing technology and therefore exhibit a high degree of recyclability.

Behind every customer and every community there are people who have the right to good and affordable light with a high level of comfort. BioWi (biological light effect) is playing an increasingly important role in this process. We also design and produce for small and individual outdoor projects and guarantee good architectural solutions with competence and expertise.

The urban environment is complex and diverse when it comes to the lighting of residential streets, thoroughfares, wide avenues, alleys, old town streets, roundabouts, cycle paths, pedestrian zones, parks, squares, parking lots or sports facilities. For all these applications we offer individual lighting and economic solutions. We guarantee to create atmosphere and safety and at the same time to avoid interference such as glare and stray light. We carry out the lighting calculations individually for you in accordance with the applicable standards (e. g. DIN EN 13201).

Our production with the entire supply industry is located almost exclusively in the Hanover/Hildesheim area. The short distances and proximity guarantee logistical and qualitative advantages, which are reflected both in terms of costs and short delivery times. The production location is Germany.

We have focused on products and shapes with well known proven, partly historical design, but also with modern construction and high quality LED technology, but we have also developed new, modern luminaires in minimal and ergonomic designs. The well-known principle of "Form Follows Function" (FFF) is also valid for arteseo. Various LED technologies, some of them developed in-house, can be used for the entire product range.

Another field of activity is the refurbishment and repair of historical, old lighting fixtures and their subsequent equipping with RETROFIT LED modules. This means that citizens can enjoy this luminaire heritage for another 30 years.

Lighting culture and light aesthetics are of great importance when it comes to implementing your individual wishes. We support you in maintaining existing luminaire components, especially when certain luminaires no longer exist because they have been removed from the product range of other suppliers. Contact us, we are able to develop similar luminaire designs for you individually - with modern LED technology - even if they are normal extension units.

We cooperate with well-known small and medium-sized competent companies in Germany and abroad as sales partners. Are you interested in a successful cooperation with us? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us - we look forward to hearing from you.

arteseo - vision concepts, the concept for present and future, created by people for people.