Ball light GLOBE 400/450/500

globe_NB2     globe_NB3



globe_D1     globe_D2     globe_D3

globe_V1             globe_V2

Technical description
Housing: Mast top piece made of plastic, RAL 9005 - black.
Attachment: For mast spigot 60 mm
Glass: PMMA - opal, clear or 2-coloured (top black bottom transparent) with bayonet lock Ø 400mm, 450 mm or 500 mm
Lighting technology: High-Power LED lamp 12-20 W, 1.600 - 2.700 lm, E 27. optional LED lamp 550 lm, 6 W, E 27 with RF-control (remote control).
For clear glass use of anodised ring lamella set for glare-free wide beam radiation.
Others: Durable EPDM seals, stainless steel screws. Easy installation and maintenance.

IPO_54 230V_50Hz Erde SYM LED_10_20W LED_6W_RGB